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46961522 - santa claus and cute girl getting ready for christmas.

The Santa Experience 2016 with The Photography Boutique

10th Dec 2016

Come along for a one-on-one private photo session with Santa. Your child(ren) will be transported to Santa’s Grotto, where they can write their Christmas wish list (or bring one with them) and then over milk & cookies, read their letters and chat with him whilst I capture these truly magical memories for you. Packages start at £135.

Call, message or email me to register your spot ASAP. Please include the time you wish to meet with Santa!

He is so excited to meet everyone and to read all your Santa letters! He will be bringing a goodie bag for each of the children too!


WHERE: The Smithy, Bolney Road, Cowfold, West Sussex, RH13 8AA
DATE: 10th December 2016
TIMES: 10am ~ 4pm (20min sessions)
CONTACT: Sally on 07956 117 331 / / or CLICK HERE

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When was the last time you printed one of your precious photos?!

If you are anything like me, and I hang my head in shame to admit this, then it was quite a while ago. And I don’t mean taking a USB stick down to Jessops, Boots or, (shudder), a supermarket to get them printed; I mean a ‘proper’ print by a professional printer lab, on quality paper?! (Believe me, you really can see a difference!)

Your memories need to be seen! Your wedding day; those cutesy baby photos; that first gappy smile; the first day at school; family outings walking through the woods: Your splendid, beautiful memories are worth half their value if they are only stored in a folder on your computer. They need to be seen every day, viewed from your bedside table, walked past on the stairs, they need to be printed and in your home.

I always share a few digital sneak peeks from each shoot on Facebook and once I have finished an edit, I create a slideshow for my families, which I also share on social media. However, nothing beats a printed portrait. I absolutely ADORE seeing images that I have taken printed (the bigger the better – in fact, one client printed a family portrait at 100×150 – it hangs on her lounge wall, behind the sofa!!!) To be able to touch them. To move them around and place them in different spaces. These are things I love.


I am SO EXCITED to introduce my beautiful FOLIO BOX…

The box is a simple yet solid white box, that opens with a magnet catch. Inside, are 25 images, chosen by you, printed on high-quality photo paper by my professional lab and mounted in a sophisticated border, featuring a subtle inner debossed key line. This really is a special way to purchase your prints and something that you will treasure forever.

With the folio box, you can display individual images on an easel or frame them, you can gift them or you can keep them stored in the beautiful box, protected forever.

“Photography is the beauty of life captured”

I do albums (and wall enlargements) too and these are similar in terms of price and how many images you get but the difference with an album is that you can’t remove the images; they are set within the book.

My folio box comes in different sizes (shown is the 25no. 7×5 prints in 10×8 matts). It starts at £250 and goes up from there. How many images you put in is entirely up to you but for each print, you will receive the digital file on a USB and also the slideshow from your shoot.

“What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.”
— Karl Lagerfeld

So this really is the best way to get the most amount of images for the least amount of money. Obviously, the more you buy, the cheaper they get. So if you love of all your portraits from your shoot, this is the product you will want to look at. But the final choice is yours.

So, if you only chose digitals from our last shoot together and STILL haven’t got them printed,

why not order your folio box now!

As a special Autumn promotion, if you order your own folio box before October 31st, you can snap it up for just £150

– that’s a huge £100 OFF the usual price.

In the next few days, I will be announcing an exciting prize draw for one client to WIN a 25 image folio box so make sure you follow me on my TPB Facebook Page!

Love Sally



p.s. if you are STILL not sold on getting your images printed, check out this Kodak advert. Still one of my all time favourites, even if it’s quite a few years old now.



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Chloe (#newborn)I photographed gorgeous Finley as a newborn 3 years earlier so I was so excited to meet his new little sister, Chloe. Finley turned out to be the most loving and protective big brother.

I think it’s safe to say this little family has had a pretty rough 12 months, spending endless weeks at Great Ormond Street Hospital with Finley so it was so lovely to see them all happy and at home, with the beautiful new addition to their family.

I wish you lots of love and happiness and the best of health for you ALL over the next 12 months and HUGE congratulation on gorgeous Chloe!

Love Sally xx

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Top 10... Awesome Parents

Let’s face it, this parenting lark is hard work!

I ADORE being a Mummy and I thank the Lord every day for for my two little miracles BUT… it is HARD!

Lack of time, tiredness, guilt over anything and everything and many weekends spent photographing others makes me question my awesomeness as a mother. Sometimes, you need a bit of help and positivity from others in the same position. And lets be honest, sometimes you just need a dose of reality to make you realise you are not in this fun, scary, whirlwind situation all alone.

Check out some of my favourite blogs (in NO particular order), all written by awesome mummy’s like you and me! Follow them and next time you have a need for inspiration, advice or just rich affirmation that


…you will know where to look!

Parenting Trust

TIPS FOR BEING AN AWESOME MUM (and how to make those perfect playground mum’s jealous!)

  1. Hello Baby Blog – A UK parenting and lifestyle blog focused on providing inspiration for you and your little ones.
  2. Hands on as we Grow – Ready for Fun with your Kids? Plan the fun with the free kids activities planner and receive activities every week.
  3. This Mummy Loves – Social media addict, Photographer, Mummy, Bad Housewife, Awesome!
  4. A Mummy Too – Food lifestyle and parenting.
  5. Love from Mummy – UK parenting and lifestyle blog.
  6. Tinned Tomatoes – Over 600 easy family vegetarian and vegan recipes with photos and simple instructions.
  7. The Mini Mes & Me – Sharing family adventures, with some makes and bakes thrown in too.
  8. Honest Mum – Online lifestyle magazine, set up in November 2010, featuring all things family, food, fashion, beauty and travel.Parenting Esteem

SATIRICAL FUNNIES (Hey, it’s ok to laugh at yourself!)

  1. Clairetoldmetodoit – Peter & Jane have exciting adventures with Mummy. Mummy likes gin. Peter & Jane like starting fires, trying to kill each other and driving Mummy to drink. (Also follow them on Facebook as Peter & Jane)
  2. Bunmi Laditan – Honest, down to earth ramblings of a Canadian mother. (I would also recommend following her on Facebook, as Bunmi Laditan).

Parenting Real

SOME BONUS BLOG LOVE FOR THE DADS (because Dad’s matter too!)

~ Man Vs Baby – The battle between an innocent, helpless wide-eyed creature…. and their newborn baby!

~ The DADventurer – One for the dads. A blog about life with the Missus, a toddler and a sausage dog!

I hope you enjoyed some of these blogs and can find some time in your hectic day to check them out. I’d LOVE to know if there are any other blogs that you have found and live through. Let me know below and include links if you want to share the love!

Love Sally xx

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Can a BEAUTIFUL family be made even MORE beautiful??!

I adore this family. Not only are they ALL gorgeous, but they are the loveliest people too. This maternity shoot was my second shoot with them (after a family shoot in 2014 and ahead of the newborn shoot with the 5th gorgeous member, who will be featured on the blog soon!)

I think this has been one of my most favourite maternity shoots – not only because of the beautiful views through my lens but also because I got to use these FABULOUS tutus and tops made by Shelley at Sparkle Props. How gorgeous are they?! To carry through the theme, we also used her TINY tutus in Macy’s newborn shoot. Toooo cute!

“Thank you Sally, you are an amazing photographer.”

“Absolutely stunning.”


If you would like to book a maternity or newborn shoot using these tutus, please do contact me at / 07956 117 331. If you are a photographer and would like to order some of Shelley’s tutus, visit her website here.

For now, enjoy the CM’s maternity shoot and don’t forget to check back soon to catch up withMacy’s newborn shoot post.

Lots of love,

Sally xx

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Meet gorgeous Ivy. She is now a fully fledged 1yr old after her cake smash shoot, back in January!

I shot this beautiful family last year, for my Bluebell Shoot, when Ivy was just a few months old – her big brother Jake was on hand then and was still the best big brother at the cake smash, selflessly showing Ivy how to eat cake! 😀

At the time of her shoot, she was ‘almost’ walking – thankfully she had enough time to practice by the time of her Auntie Martha and Uncle Anthony’s wedding in May and was a beautiful flower girl walking down the aisle with her Mummy (see image at the end of the post).

“Absolutely gorgeous”

“Too cute”



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What a gorgeous little girl. And how FAB does Mummy look?

Can you tell Mummy and Daddy both work in TV?! LOL! I was so pleased to be asked to do this newborn shoot as Steve is my brothers best friend, he was his best man and Steve also filmed our wedding. So it was fabulous to be able to record such a momentous time in his and his gorgeous wife Alex’s lives.

Isabelle will be half a year old next month!!! How time flies!!!!

“What a beauty.”



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Last week I wrote about a campaign that is so close to my heart, called Exist in Photos (You can read last week’s Boutique Sermon here).

(Me with my Daddy, Monaco, 1980)

A few years ago, I made memory photo books for my brothers, sister and mum for Christmas. I went through all the old albums my mum had put together of us all growing up and chose my favourites. It was an amazing walk down memory lane, starting with my parent’s wedding, then my birth, then my sister and my two brothers. It included pictures from holidays, car trips, pets and family friends. It’s a book displaying good times, happy times, memories of cuddles with my Dad before he passed away, albeit some of them with questionable fashion and dodgy hair! I still enjoy looking at my mum’s copy when we are over there for Sunday lunch, remembering and re-living moments from my childhood or at least recapping what I’ve been told about the earliest memories.

However, one thing struck me when I was first putting this book together…

There were photos upon photos of my Dad doing his silly Dad face; reams of my siblings and me with mucky faces, gappy-toothed smiles, dressing up, blowing out candles; even friends and cousins featured a lot in our albums but one person was missing from most of the photos. One person that I would probably count as the most important person in my life was no-where to be seen along my youthful journey.

Where were all the photos of my mum?! 

Don’t get me wrong, she was very present in our childhood but she is in maybe three photos out of the whole book I put together. Hardly representative of her role in our family. My mum was the one who put all the albums together – you know that thing where you actually PRINT photos and put them in an album – the memories were obviously important enough to her. She would probably say that she was the one behind the camera, taking all of these memories; that my dad was the more comedic, act-like-a-clown-in-front-of-the-camera parent; the one more willing to look silly along with the kids – but I fear there is another, deeper reason why she is not in many photos…

And she is not the only one. I don’t particularly like having my photo taken. And of course, I AM usually the one behind the camera in our family, just because I don’t want to miss what the kids are getting up to. But I thought about my own children looking through their childhood photos in 30 years time and realised that they would have the same experience – lots of photos of them and Daddy – but none, or hardly any, with me.

And this made me so sad! I was here! I AM here NOW!

However, I hear the same thing time and time again from my clients too! When I ask them what sort of photos they want from their newborn or family shoot, they say they want lots of photos of the kids…’but don’t get me in any of them. Who’d want that?’ Many mothers with newborn babies in particular tell me they look a mess or haven’t got any make-up on. One mother told me she was too fat to be in the pictures and would ruin them.

The sad thing is, your kids would LOVE them!!

They want to see you enjoying their childhood along with them. They want YOU to exist in photos.

When you are gone, all they will have left are photos!

So I am consciously working on it. I’m making a concerted effort to be in more photos with my kids, to be present in their visual story. I want to exist in photos.

I want my kids to remember the fun times we had TOGETHER; see my laughter lines and frizzy hair whilst I cuddle them as hard as I can; I can guarantee they are not looking at my non-existent bum or the ‘slightly’ over hanging muffin top bulging over my jeans. I’m not perfect – but I don’t want this to make me invisible in my children’s memories.

I want (I need) to EXIST IN PHOTOS!

(Me with my twiglets, 2014)

And I’m encouraging my clients to exist in their family photos too. I LOVE to pose newborn babies in cute, sleepy poses – it’s one of the reasons why my clients hire me to take photos of their precious new baby in the first place. However, some of my favourite photos from my recent newborn shoots are the ones with the new parents WITH their baby.


(l-r: Isabelle with mummy Alexandra, Chloe with mummy Debbie, Macy with mummy Charlene and big sisters Sienna and Sadie)

So show your kids that you were there with them; you had fun with them and were present! You are important enough to be included with them. Get in those family photos with the kids; take selfies of yourself with them (funny faces optional); hire a professional to do a family shoot for you; but just BE in them! I can guarantee, your children (and grandchildren) will LOVE them!

Lots of love,

Sally xx

(p.s. For the record, here’s a picture of my mummy!! She may not like photos of herself but I hope I look half as good as her when I’m 60+!! xx)


My Mummy (2016)

Book your #existinphotos family shoot now. Contact me at to book your session. 

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Look at this squidgy little man!!! How gorgeous is he? The most beautiful dark hair and elegant fingers.

A perfect little Christmas present for Mummy and Daddy.

This was my last shoot of 2015, squeezed in just TWO days before Christmas. And it was so lovely, with the tree as the perfect backdrop. Congratulations to one of my oldest (as in longest 😉 ) friends, Lisa and her partner, Raf.

“My beautiful little man.”
“So beautiful, I cried my eyes out!”
“This is absolutely stunning.”

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